How to use Lightroom presets on desktop

1. Buy, download and install Adobe Lightroom program from:

2. Download .lrtemplate file from our page

3. After that open the program and drag the picture you want to edit to “Library” section

4. Now go to “Develop” section and press plus sign next to the preset section and choose “Import Presets”

5. Find the preset you donwloaded and press “Import”

6. Now you can see your preset under “User presets” part, select it and it will automaticly add on your picture

7. If you want to save picture with preset press right mouse button on it and select “Export”

8. Now just select “Burn Full Sized JPEG’s”, set export destination to Hard Drive and choose folder to which you want to export

Now only press Export button and vualia! Congratulations you have beautiful edited picture!